Black Widow Media Desktop

Black Widow Media Desktop 5.4

One-stop media center for finding and playing media

Version 5.7 of Arachnid Media Search & Play PRO included


  • Version 5.7 of Arachnid Media Search & Play PRO included

Black Widow Media Desktop is a toolset for searching networks for media files (music, video, pictures, Flash Games/Movies), downloading/previewing media files found in the searches, playing your DVDs, CDs or other media file types, encoding files from one format to another (WAV to MP3) , ripping audio files as you listen from your computer or from over 7000 radio stations (multiple radio stations can be ripped simultaneously) into separate MP3s.

It is a multi-tasking system so that you can do things like play several videos at one time in a grid on your desktop, rip multiple radio stations at a time, plus other similar features. All features are independent tasks and are controlled in a Zion Control GUI like atmosphere. The program is skinable and you receive 15 pre-designed skins plus a feature that allows you to create your own skins or modify the ones you receive.

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Black Widow Media Desktop


Black Widow Media Desktop 5.4

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